History of Europe 30 Years War

Spread the loveIt dominates in particular thanks to its religion, Catholicism, majority religion throughout Western Europe. But for some time, Protestant currents are born and question the Roman church. -Roman Church, I have a problem, German populations begin to become Lutheran. -Oh, it was you who also gave them too much religious freedom … In short, in 1618 the war began, the small Protestant countries of northern Germany against Austria and the Spanish Netherlands. But also the small Protestant countries of southern Germany against northern Catholic Italy. All this within the Holy Roman Empire. Among the small Protestant states, two

Past culture about Protestant reforms

Spread the lovethe monopoly that the Roman Church has over it. The most famous is Martin Luther that challenged Rome in the 1520s. -Yeah the Catholic religion, it takes advantage of us! We have to challenge all of this! The first country to protest against the Catholic Church is the Canton of Zurich. In 1524, in various German countries, in particular Baden, revolts are emerging against the supremacy of the Catholic religious order. In the 1530s, there is a war between Catholic cantons and Protestant cantons in the south of the Holy Roman Empire. -We are against Catholicism! -We won’t

The most spoken language I thought was pencil

Spread the loveTajik is written with the Cyrillic alphabetunlike Persian and Dari which are written with the Arabic alphabetin the Persian variant.There is Quechua, the official language in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador.Like all Native American languages in Spanish-speaking countries,their official status is symbolic and isn’t utilized in the administration,Spanish dominates. Mandarin is that the official language of the People’s Republic of China,from Taiwan which is that the Republic of China and from Singapore.Now we attend 4 countries! Dutch is that the official language in three countries. Netherlands , Belgium and Suriname.But there’s Afrikaans which may be a variant of Dutch,

Languages spoken in the most countries!!!!

Spread the lovethe list of languages which have official status in several countries. i will be able to only take under consideration the languages which have official status at the national level. In some countries there are not any official languages, during this case, i will be able to take under consideration the language which is employed de facto within the administration. during a country, there are often either a politician language, there can also be official national languages or de facto languages. allow us to take a couple of examples. In Botswana there are two official languages: English and

The geography of Malaysia (a second part)

Spread the loveIndigenous people are a very small minority on the peninsula, but in large numbers in Borneo. Then there are the two main non-Bumiputera groups. That is to say, non-natives. Chinese and Indians. The Chinese represent 23% of the population. They are practically all Han. Some Chinese arrived in Malaysia very early, around the 15th century, others on the contrary arrived in the 20th century during British colonization. Indians represent less than 10% of the population. Good Indian is not really an ethnic group, but here it mostly means that they are from India. They migrated to Malaysia especially

The geography of Malaysia

Spread the loveMalaysia is a country located in Southeast Asia. A little less than 330,000 km² for 30 million inhabitants. The density is 86 inhabitants per km². The capital is officially Kuala Lumpur. Although all government institutions are located in its suburb of Putrajaya. The geography of Malaysia is particularly interesting for two points. First, the fact that it is a country separated in two, the peninsula on one side, Borneo on the other. And secondly, because it is a country where several ethnic groups live together. Physical geography: As said before, the country is cut in two. On one

Geography of Italy (the third part)

Spread the loveIt’s a tradition but it’s not too suitable to the planet economy. In summary, we will say that the North West is that the area of the capitalism , while the North-East and therefore the Center-North are the world of the tiny business economy. additionally thereto , we must add tourism. There are several sorts of tourism. Seaside tourism, especially in Sardinia or the Adriatic. There are many seaside resorts, the foremost famous is Rimini. in fact cultural tourism, everywhere the country. Italy is legendary to possess the best number of UNESCO heritage. But hey, generally , the

Geography of Italy (a second part)

Spread the lovePeople don’t speak Standard Greek but an endemic Greek dialect, we don’t know if they speak it from ancient Greece or since Byzantine times. Finally, still in the south of Italy, there are Albanian communities, the Arbëresh who are descendants of Albanians arrived at the Renaissance. After ethnically, Southern Italy would be much more varied than that since the territory has been conquered by the Greeks, the Arabs, the Normans and the Spaniards. The North has been populated by Germanic peoples. As for religion, if we omit recent immigration, the territory is entirely Catholic. Speaking of immigration, Italy

Geography of Italy

Spread the loveItaly may be a country located in Europe. 301,336 km², the population is approximately 60 million. The capital is Rome and it’s been a republic since 1946. physiography Italy is in particular a peninsula, called the Italian Peninsula . additionally to the present peninsula. The Padania plain to the north and therefore the Alps even further north. additionally , there are several islands including the 2 most vital are Sardinia and Sicily. It’s quite mountainous country since we discover there in fact Alps with Mont Blanc which rises to around 4,810 meters, the most important summit in Italy

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Geography of Netherlands (a second part)

Spread the loveThe Hague and Rotterdam, for his or her part, are very close, together they greatly exceed 2 million inhabitants. However, we will go even further. There are many cities between Amsterdam and therefore the other two, notably Harlem and Leyden. If we take the 2 regions North Holland and South Holland we get a population of quite 6 million inhabitants to which we will add the province of Utrecht which of Flevoland to make an enormous urban complex of seven million inhabitants. This set is nicknamed the Randstad Holland which suggests the border town of Holland because urbanization

Geography of Morocco (a second part)

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Another that goes from Kenitra to the Algerian border. This railway is amid an outsized high-speed line project which should within the future shorten time period between Tangier and Marrakech. the primary section should be inaugurated in mid-2018. This line are going to be the very first high speed line on the African continent and can include Morocco during a whole new economic model of transport. Regarding the air network, it’s a really internationally oriented network. Casablanca, Marrakech and Agadir are the three airports to exceed a million annual passengers. we will also count Fez, Tangier and Rabat which welcome between 600,000 and 800,000 passengers each. There are about fifteen international airports within the country. In fact, we will say that Morocco is a component of the ecu sky.
The country is connected with many countries in Europe via companies that have developed with the liberalization of the sky. The standards tend to urge closer. But when it involves internal theft, the lines are poorly developed. A flight company was created in 1996, Regional Air Lines which was acquired by Air Arabia to become Air Arabia Maroc in 2009. an equivalent year, Royal Air Maroc created a regional subsidiary, RAM Express. The latter is practically the sole one to supply internal flights, most between Casablanca and therefore the other cities. Economy: Morocco is taken into account a developing country. In terms of GDP, the country is that the fifth largest economic power in Africa, just after Algeria. consistent with Forbes in 2016, Morocco is that the 51st country to take a position
or the 2nd in Africa after South Africa and therefore the second within the Arab world after the United Arab Emirates. Morocco also has advanced relations with the ecu Union through trade agreements. this is often thanks to the very fact that there’s no regional market within the Maghreb. Algeria being a rather closed country. Otherwise the most economic sectors are tourism and therefore the export of phosphate. additionally to agriculture. Politics : Morocco may be a constitutional monarchy. The people choose legislative elections then the King chooses the prime minister of the party came first within the elections. Prime Minister becomes head of state but the King retains control over the govt . In fact, it is a little bit of a dictatorship.
According to the democracy index from British newspaper The Economist Group, Morocco is found in 105th place out of 167 classified countries. Morocco is taken into account a hybrid regime halfway between democracy and dictatorship. The country has Islam as its official religion. The King is that the commander of the believers and his dynasty is named Alaouite, that’s to mention descendant of Ali and his wife Fatima, the daughter of Mahomet. The king of Morocco therefore claims to be a descendant of the prophet. there’s obviously no evidence to prove it or not. The country has two official languages: Arabic, in its international variant, that is, an equivalent Arabic as all the opposite Arab countries. And recently the Amazigh. Amazigh may be a variant of the Berber languages, it’s this Berber language that has been standardized to become the official one in Morocco.
Because Morocco is indeed a rustic with a high Berber proportion, we will even speak of a minority majority since they represent between 40 and 60% of Moroccans. additionally to those two languages, French has an administrative language status without being a politician language, it’s utilized in particular within the official bulletin and publicly display. Regarding policy , the most problem is Western Sahara . Since 1975, Morocco has claimed the territory who was until then Spanish. Since 1991 he has controlled it almost entirely since the cease-fire with the separatist guerrillas of the Polisario Front. However, this Polisario Front which fights for independence is suspected of being supported by Algeria. the popularity of this territory varies from country to country. Some recognize the govt in exile of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.
This is the case of Algeria but also of the African Union who recognizes her as a member apart. This has therefore often been a source of litigation, Morocco only joining the African Union in 2017 due to this recognition problem. The UN meanwhile, considers that Western Sahara is unoccupied territory. consistent with her, the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic doesn’t exist but neither the Moroccan occupation. Western Sahara is therefore officially the sole territory considered as belonging to nobody consistent with the UN. Outside of Antarctica. Morocco has other border problems. In 1994, an attack in Marrakech was committed by French of Moroccan origin for a few people, Algerian for an additional .
This attack happened during the black period of the Algerian war and left 2 dead, this is often almost the primary time that an attack has hit the country and Morocco decides an equivalent day to shut its border with Algeria for security reasons. And since then, the border has always been closed. Another border problem, that between Spain and Morocco. Spain has two enclaves in Africa: Ceuta and Melilla. Morocco claims them. albeit the claim dates from the 1960s, the foremost serious crisis happened in 2002, that of Persil islet, island temporarily occupied by Morocco and recovered by Spain shortly thereafter. Its last neighbor is Mauritania, again, it doesn’t . This country supports the Polisario guerrillas in Western Sahara . The border between the 2 countries is therefore closely guarded.

And to the present is added the border with the Sahrawi Republic who claims Western Sahara but who controls alittle a part of it. Dakhla is that the capital of the Sahrawi republic, but because the latter is under Moroccan control, the capital was placed at Bir Lahlou within the controlled area. However, the govt very rarely sits there and is in exile in Algeria (Tindouf). Last little problem, a maritime border this time: The one between the Canary Islands which belong to Spain and therefore the Moroccan coast which is partly a border with the body of water of Western Sahara . And there you’ve got it, that’s all I even have to mention about Morocco.

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